The Importance of Saying “No” in Business

When it comes to business, I have learned the importance of saying No.

I used to take all the work I can get because my focus was on the wrong place: Money! I had to learn the hard way, that is better to just work with what you can handle and keep it simple. Don’t get me wrong I love new challenges and learning new things, but we must know our business limitations.

I was afraid to say no and that affected my productivity and my personal life. Learning to live simpler also means learning to set and maintain limits.

Follow these 3 steps to just say no when necessary:

  1. Keep your response simple. If you want to say no, be firm and direct.
  2. Don’t feel guilty for saying no to a client, you rather say No if there is something you can’t do.
  3. Be true to yourself and your business. You have to learn to also say no to new business partners and collabs that just don’t add value to your business.  


Business Hack: Surround yourself with other professionals that are good in different areas and refer them to your clients, say no, but with a solution.

Always remember: It’s OK to say NO. Take only what you can actually handle. You have nothing to lose but some of the simplicity you’ve worked to create.




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