Game plan for 2019

Have you started to plan 2019 yet?

The most successful people already know where they’re going to be in a year’s time. Everything you do is positioning. Are you positioning yourself to do MEANINGFUL things in the years to come? It’s all in the set up. Remember, goals are means, not ends.

I understand that you can not plan EVERYTHING, but you at least can start your game plan with the most important areas of your life.

Here are 5 steps to help you start:

  1. Do a review process of 2018.

Reflect on this year and choose to let things go. Write down the things you have accomplished and the ones that you did not.

Whatever it is, be proud of yourself!

  1. Create a vision board for the year to come.

Brainstorm your desires and goals for the year and place them together with visual art.

This technique will help you see where you are heading. I like to set a theme for the year. 

  1. Set your top goals for each aspect of your life.

Write out those goals & keep them visible. Create an action plan for each goal and review the support you need to meet them.

  1. Create a new daily routine.

Here you can listen to my latest podcast to learn some hacks to building a solid routine for your daily life.

  1. Take action & manifest your goals.

Everything we do must come from a bigger purpose. Pray, work hard and trust God.

Serge Kahili King, explains it better:

“…A resolution is a decision, and a goal is a target. However, decisions don’t make things happen, and neither do goals. In order to make something happen you have to take action of some kind. Action on a decision moves you forward away from the decision. Action on a goal moves you toward the goal.”


Remember to keep it simple and meaningful.



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