Our Love Story

Sharing our love story is something we have always wanted, because we know how unique and special it is. We wanted to give hope to others that God has bigger and better plans than you could imagine.

This is Our Love Story (The non-cheesy and very short version)

Jared and I connected over social media for a year before actually meeting in person. I had visited his church the year prior and even though we missed each other then, we engaged enough to find each other eventually.

We have learnt that when it comes to love and purpose, distance does not matter. We began talking a lot and sleeping a lot less. Soon we knew we had to get into the same time zone.

After a year of falling for each other’s minds, a lot of Skype sessions and sending letters and gifts with other people, we were almost going to meet. I visited South Africa in April 2017, everything was going to change, we were so excited, it was going to be a day to remember, a feeling like no other, it was going to be the first hug after all these days of anticipation.


Our first meeting was electric. This “real time” with each other helped us realise without a doubt that this was a God-given relationship. We just knew this needed to become forever.

At the end of 2018 Jared proposed to me in the Dominican Republic. He serenaded me with a song in front of my family and close friends.

We got married a year after that, 12th January 2019 was our big and perfect day, surrounded by our loved ones. Certainly a day we will never forget.

Love has become a bridge between two continents.

Now, I’m writing this in our new home in Pretoria. Oh what a journey it’s been to get here and we just know the best is yet to come.




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