How to adopt a minimalist fashion style

Less is more, is the new everything trend and when it comes to fashion there are many ways to apply it.

Adopting a minimalist style means having timeless pieces that work every day, no matter what’s fashionable at the time and working with accessories that will help you create variations with these pieces.

I always read about this topic, not just because I love everything fashion, but also because it helps me avoid wasting too much time choosing outfits whilst still making my closet look simple but stylish. I had the idea that adopting a minimalist fashion style would make me look too plain, but it’s a working process and it will take you time to get to the point of having your own minimalist style.

Here are some hacks that minimalist style enthusiasts follow and it will help you start this journey:

1.Define Your Style



We all save or take screenshots of our favorites outfits, so take a second pass at your inspiration photos, look beyond the brands, and focus on the outfits. Pick a few words to describe the vibe of the looks. Are they classic, modern, eclectic, bohemian, or trend-forward? Settle on a handful of words that feel true to your style, and write them down for future reference, as they will help you clarify and define your look.


2.Declutter Your Closet


Ask the right questions before you start:

  • Do I love it?
  • Do I wear it?
  • Does it project the look of my style?
  • Does it fit?

3.Experiment with your minimalist fashion



This is the tricky part, because here you need to stick to your true style while you implement the rules of minimalist fashion. I haven’t taken it too far, but like I said before, it’s a journey of adapting to less.

  • Keep a monochromatic wardrobe. Black and white are the dominant colours; accent colours tend to be grey, navy or blush.  In my case I left the olive green and still left more vivid colors for different occasions. Finding the accent colors you love will take time, but will define your style even further.
  • Stripes are the print of choice, try to keep the neutral colours mentioned above. In my case, I added animal print because it’s ok to break the rules and stay true to what you like.
  • The LBD is pretty much your go-to dress for any occasion.
  • Interesting cuts are what elevates your minimalist style to something special, a boxy cut-out makes your tee anything but basic; flared or bishop sleeves give your white blouse some drama.
  • Always have a black coat and a black leather handbag ready to go.
  • Your shoe collection is mainly flats, slides or pumps, again in neutral colours  comfortable and ready to go at short notice.
  • Keep jewellery simple yet personal, solitaire diamond earrings; a thin necklace with a tiny pendant; delicate rings. I still own big earrings for looks that need it.

The real purpose of minimalism is about paring down your closet to its basics, creating a capsule wardrobe full of essentials. It’s fashion in its most efficient form: Your closet is there to help you, not to dominate you.

Don’t go crazy thinking that you need to buy new clothes, the idea is to take advantage of what you already have. In case you still need to buy new stuff, the best way to figure out what you need to shop, is determining what are the basics that you still don’t own.

Happy decluttering and shopping.

Please remember to keep it simple and beautiful.




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  1. Me encantó este artículo. Desde hace años, si años, he estado pensando en llevar un estilo más o menos así pero aun no termino de concretizar… Thanks, Dahi!

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