3 Hacks to Building a Solid Routine

If you ask me: What helps you in your day to day life? The answer is creating a routine, so I can work less and live more.

The first thing you need is structure and purpose. You have to force yourself to create good habits, because building a routine is all about consistency.

Don´t wait for inspiration, create a framework for it.

With all of that, I still need to improve all the time and It all started when I realized that much of my most valuable energy and time was consumed by bad habits. (like spending way too much time on social media, the meaningless conversations you entertained on Whatsapp and just being distracted by everything else)

That is why we need to understand what a habit is: it’s basically a regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. It means that as long as we learn to identify the good habits, it will be hard to give them up. And that is really good news, but the bad news is when you are full of bad habits.

I was at the mercy of my surroundings, at the mercy of everything but my goals. And the biggest problem with any routine is that you do it without realizing it. It takes willpower to switch off from the world, even for an hour.

So, How do we build a solid routine?

3 Hacks to Building a Solid Routine

Hack 1: Optimize and prioritize your time. Time is everything my friends, it’s too valuable.

We need to rethink our workflow from the ground up. This is the time to reassess and rethink how you do what you do.

Only by taking charge of your day to day, you can truly make an impact in what matters the most.

My advice is to build a better daily routine by stepping outside of it, you need to find your focus and analyze what really matters when it comes to making your ideas happen.

If you want to create something worthwhile with your life, you need draw a line between the world’s demands and your own goals.

Spend your time on the things that matter the most to you.


Hack 2: Choose creative work over reactive work.

We usually do it backwards.

If you spend most of your time on reactive work, responding to incoming demands, you will never create anything truly worthwhile.

Start by identifying the rhythm of your energy levels. Notice when you seem to have the most energy during the day, and dedicate those valuable periods to your most important creative work. Try not to book meetings at those times.

In other words, you need to know when you are being more productive, are you an early bird or a night owl?


Hack 3: Harness the power of frequency

Getting started is always a challenge, it’s so hard to start something from scratch and it’s also hard when you pick up a project again, but by working everyday on something, even if it’s just a few hours, will help you keep your momentum going, because you will never feel detached from the process.


  • Frequency makes starting easier.
  • Frequency keeps ideas fresh and pressure off.
  • Frequency sparks creativity and fosters productivity.


¨We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.¨



I hope that these simple steps will help you build a rock solid daily routine that works for you and your goals. Please, Find your focus and do the work that matters.

Don’t forget to keep it simple and make it beautiful.





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